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From Life-Long Issue to Healed!

Working with Linda has been absolutely transformational. In only 12 sessions, we were able to get me from a place of fear and doubt to a place of power and certainty. She dives right into the very root of the issue, quickly and gently, and helps you heal it at the core so it NEVER comes back. The problem with traditional forms of therapy and healing is that it doesn't go to the core quickly and results in repeated behavior, i.e. you keep repeating the same cycle/"mistakes" over and over. But Linda gets to the core so you can create a self-serving way of being moving forward instead of any self-sabotaging way of being.

Specifically, I had one recurring LIFE-LONG issue that years of therapy and other forms of inner work were not able to get to the core of, but with Linda we nailed it in only a couple sessions! From life-long to healed. No exaggeration. That's miraculous work. She's magical, and if you are looking to live your best life, she is the right one for you. I am so grateful to have found her. 


7 Years of Migraines Gone in a 40 Minute Free Consultation

"I was having years and years of migraines when I heard about Linda and did a 40 minute free consultation. I was at my wits end and had tried everything. My work and social life was suffering because of my migraines.  During the free consultation Linda had me go to the core of the migraine - what she called the seed of it and there was an emotional trauma there. With her amazing help and clairsentience I felt it for the first time. This was very challenging but over in a minute. She was very caring and loving during this. I felt a huge surge and shift inside myself. I am not sure what really happened. I have not had a migraine since. 


Health Issue Healed in One Session

"I came to Linda with a very specific health issue. We "went into" my body and found the core of the blocked emotion and Linda facilitated such a profound healing in such a compassionate and loving way with something I had previously never dealt with and was "stored" in my body. The healing released it and with that the physical problem was gone. I still don't know how this truly happened but wow! She is pretty much magical! I am forever grateful!


The Investment in Myself Has Been So Worth It!

When i first started working with Linda, I thought I was pretty evolved, living a full and  authentic life.  But something was missing. I had recently left a 30-year corporate career and wasn’t sure what was next for me. I’ll never forget Linda’s words “As you truly live more of your authentic self, be open to new opportunities you never thought of before”. That’s when it really hit me. Yes I was very evolved, yay!  But I had a way to go.  In the months that I’ve worked with Linda, I have learned what living my truth really means.  Opportunities have presented themselves that I had never even dreamed possible.  And people that I didn’t know existed have become sisters and brothers and have shown me what unconditional love really looks like. Life is different now in a very amazing way. The old me couldn’t have imagined this life. I’m still working hard to stay on my path, but knowing my path is a beautiful and wondrous thing.  I am grateful everyday for having Linda’s support and guidance on this journey and for having her beautiful soul in my life. I have the utmost respect for her abilities and highly recommend her services whatever your situation. The investment in myself has been sooo worth it!


Forever Grateful

"Linda came to me by coincidence through a friend; however, thinking of that moment now fills my heart as I know it was all part of life's journey.  Linda, an incredible coach, is highly skilled at listening and communicating with every word that is spoken or silent.  Her intuitiveness brings insight to the experience allowing for even more self discovery with even just a few minutes of her presence.  I am forever grateful for her life coaching as her voice is always in my heart, offering guidance when I need it."


What Makes a Coach Extraordinary?

What makes a coach extraordinary? For me it is insight, wisdom, compassion, communication skills, generosity, open-minded listening, and being able to create the space where transformation occurs.

Linda is all this. She has the ability to access the deeper layers of our being. Through her listening and coaching she opened doors and helped me uncover a truth about myself that I didn't know existed, leaving me empowered, inspired, and ready to receive, embrace and live the life my heart and soul truly desire. Whatever was holding me back does not own me anymore; it is being softly and firmly transformed into freedom, self-expression, connection, trust and possibility.


*Initials used due to confidential nature of the work. 

Out of Pain

Linda came to me by the recommendation of  not only one, but a few dear friends whom I trust greatly. Prior to my first session I was skeptical of the true impact because, like many of us, I had already tried many different forms of healing; medical, spiritual, insightful, mediums. You name it. Even after only my very first introductory session with her I felt the lines of energetic communication fly open. I was blocked in ways I hadn’t imagined. I was experiencing debilitating pain in my back, even well after an intense surgery, I felt trapped by my own thoughts and I had a great deal of pent up emotion, sadness and anxiety that was inhibiting my personal growth. I am still in my early stages of working with her but I already feel a great deal of transformation happening with the work we do together. I feel lighter, am out of pain and finally able to work through and clear obstacles out of my way that I never thought I had the courage or power to face before. Linda is and will always be at the root of my healing journey.  I have so much gratitude for her and the gift and talent she possesses. She has already changed my life and I am confident that she will continue to do so in even greater ways in the future. Thank you Linda!


I Have Purpose Again

My journey through life was really not making total sense before I was introduced to Linda. I had a lot of tools thrown in front of me by other therapists, coaches, books, etc. but none of it was really making the changes to my life that I needed. What I needed was someone who understood me, who wouldn't judge me, and most importantly would challenge me. Linda does all of that and more. She’s not afraid to think outside of the box and that’s what I needed. Since we started working together my career, relationships, and life in general feels more in sync. Every day I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I feel like I have purpose again, and that feels good. 


Uncovered Trauma

I always had the feeling there was something blocked or unseen that I had stuffed away. Something from my childhood. I knew some of the memory but not the full truth. I had tried many ways to get to the truth of this but it eluded me until I started working with Linda. I believe this happened because Linda holds such a high vibrational healing space for her clients it is truly unconditionally loving and non -judgemental. I felt completely safe and supported to "go there". The truth was uncovered and though it was challenging I am now out the other side of it and feel lighter and happier than I have in a very, very long time. People are even commenting on my inner happiness! I will continue to work with Linda to remove more blocks and I am blessed to have found her. You owe yourself, in loving yourself, a consultation with her to experience this miraculous facilitation to healing.


Repressed Memory Revealed - I am Set Free!

"I thought there was something that had occurred back when I was a child but it wasn't until we journeyed back on the emotions I was having to a way earlier time did I know for sure. I am so happy I did this work with Linda, it was surprising but set me free. 

Linda's compassion, gentleness and magic as a facilitator finally allowed me the courage and opportunity to heel this and be free!"