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Transformational Healer & Metaphysician

Linda Atkinson, MA, MBA


Certified Life Coach, Certified Executive Coach, Certified Meditation Teacher and trained in Energy Medicine. 

Linda holds two Masters degrees, an MA in Counseling Psychology and an MBA in Finance. A life long learner, Linda also studied at Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley and UCLA. Linda has been a Certified Life Coach (The Field Center) since 2009. Linda is also a Certified Berkeley Institute Executive Coach, Berkeley Executive Education.  A former Investment Banker and Vice President of three companies, Linda now dedicates her life to healing others and raising human and global consciousness on the planet.

At the age of 15 Linda became ill with what would later be diagnosed as 'endometriosis'. This experience of six surgeries, countless doctor and specialist visits, unable to walk more than a few feet, along with severe chronic pain for the last full year prior to a final surgery became a gift in disguise. Linda learned upon waking in the morning there was a split second before her first thought of the day and in the spilt second there was no physical pain until the thought. This was a revelation. This led to further awakenings. After a complete hysterectomy at the age of 32 Linda, having been granted a second chance at life, vowed to be of service and share her learnings and healing insights. Then a life changing spiritual "experience" in 1997 opened Linda fully as spiritually Self Realized and to her life calling to awaken souls to their own true nature. Linda received a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology & Counseling Psychology and trained with an American Spiritual Teacher in 'hands on' healing and spiritual enlightenment for over eight years. 

This spontaneous spiritual awakening also led Linda to her life's calling that uncovered a profound healing technique which Linda calls the Metaphysician Healing Technique (MHT). It also opened Linda to her healing "gifts" of clairsentience and clairaudience. MHT uses a unique combination of intuitive counseling, clairsentience, clairaudience, advanced awareness, energetic and emotional healing to facilitate the unblocking of trapped emotions, traumas, dis-ease and distortion from the body. This provides an instantaneous healing physically and emotionally allowing the self-correcting nature of the body to then heal itself. Energy is unblocked and flows freely for optimal health and happiness. Distortions in the body-mind are energetically released. Dis-ease is eased. Numerous clients have experienced instant healings and transformations from migraines to depression to sexual abuse recovery. This technique can heal anything that is blocking you from living a full, vibrant, healthy life. 

Linda lives on the beach in Malibu, California with her 'twin flame' husband - meeting and marrying within five months. She is mother to two evolved young men. She is fully enlightened (officially calibrated at 1000 on the Map of Consciousness by an enlightened Spiritual Teacher) and with this clarity can "see", feel and "hear"what many cannot. 

She "manifested" her dream life from an activated vision board in 9 months and is dedicated to healing, evolving and facilitating the best life for all her clients.